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COMPANY INFORMATION was founded in 2001, by 2 entrepreneurs working with Our Office Buildinga number of local Physicians to help “Our” patients attain their Medical Records.  Now, they are “Taking Control of their Medical Records”

During this somewhat turbulent time in the Medical Profession, it has become apparent that most Medical treatment is influenced by the number of patients a Physician can see in one day, versus the Physician who really gets to know their patients by spending the necessary time with them to properly diagnose their condition.  Many in the field say this is being caused by the reduced fees a physician is reimbursed from the Insurance Companies.  What ever the reason, we all know that this pressured situation happens in most medical practices.  In fact, it may be a contributing factor because Medical Mistakes are the 5th Leading Cause of Death in America.

By having a copy of your Health Record, you can be assured of more accurate, better treatment as compared to not having access to these records; especially in the case of an emergency.  Imagine being able to show the Doctor in the Emergency Room your most recent EKG or Lab Reports, which normally are not available for comparison.  At the very least, having your records available will help prevent unnecessary duplicate Tests from being run.  Test that you will have to pay for, again.

We provide your health records digitized and placed on a “Dated” credit card sized Mini CD that easily fits inside your wallet or purse for easy access and storage.  Whether you are unconscious from being involved in a car accident or just wanting to be proactive about your Medical Care, makes it easy for you to carry your Health Record.

We are here to provide all of our Clients the ability to Own a digitized copy of their Medical Records at a truly affordable price WITHOUT any Annual Fees, Activation or Setup charges!!!

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